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Magic Kingdom is another of Disney´s Parks. It is divided in seven parts, and each part offers different attractions. These parts are called Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Mickey´s Toontown Fair, Adventureland, Main Street, U.S.A., and Tomorrowland. Apart from the attractions you can visit in these sections, there is a Parade that passes through some of Magic Kingdom´s streets. During this Parade classic Disney moments, stories and characters are captured in giant snow globes.

Main Street, U.S.A. is Disney's version of a small American town in the early 1900s and it is the first section you find when entering Magic Kingdom. There you find City Hall–where you can get information on the park, on show times, etc. -and an online game called VMK Central. At Walt Disney World Railroad there are narrow-gauge steam trains that take you on a ride around Magic Kingdom, and at Main Street Vehicles you can ride down Main Street on a horse-driven trolley, bus, or other vintage vehicles. During the day there are many attractions to visit, and at night you can feast your eyes on an incredible pyrotechnic display

In Frontierland you will find six main attractions. One of these is Walt Disney World Railroad, an attraction in which you can ride an authentic steam train with stops at Mickey´s Toontown Fair and Main Street, U.S.A. Another attraction is Splash Mountain, a ride in which you plunge five free-falling stories into Brer Rabbit’s laughin´ place. Then there is a roller coaster that takes you on a ride through the Old West, and a raft in which you will venture through hills, caves, and a fort. You can also visit Country Bear Jamboree, a jamboree with bears playing banjos. Last but not least, you can go to Frontierland Shooting Arcade, an arcade that looks like the Old West and where you can aim at targets.

In Liberty Square you can visit The Hall of Presidents, a show during which you see nation’s Presidents come to life. Then, you can go to Liberty Square Riverboat. There you can paddle down the rivers of America in a steam-powered paddle wheeler. If you want to do something that sends shivers down your spine, go to The Haunted Mansion. In that attraction you ride through a 19th-century mansion and encounter ghouls along the way.


In Fantasyland you can visit different attractions. You can fly aboard a pirate ship in Peter Pan’s Flight. Or you can see a 3-D show directed by Maestro Mickey in which a cast of characters play in an orchestra. A new option created in the last years is Cinderellabration, a musical spectacular during which you witness Cinderella’s coronation pageant. There are other attractions in which you encounter the Wicked Witch or ride an enchanted horse that pulls Cinderella’s carousel. You can also spin around in the Mad Hatter’s giant teacups, meet Ariel, or play in a playground from Winnie the Pooh.

Mickey´s Toontown Fair is a section of the park where parents and children can meet many Disney characters. In this section you can visit Minnie’s Abode- a country house done out in pink-, and also Mickey’s cottage. It is possible to meet Disney princesses and characters, and even Mickey himself! There is also a steam train, a roller coaster and a fun play area.

In Adventureland it is possible to climb through Robinson’s shipwrecked famous home, a tree house that will make you relieve Robinson’s classic film. Children can soar on an enchanted flying carpet and pretend they are Aladdin. There is also a Jungle Cruise through Jungle Rivers and a voyage with the Pirates of the Caribbean.

In Tomorrowland you can ride a race car, play high-tech arcade games, or pilot a spacecraft on a high-in-the-sky adventure. There is also a rollercoaster, a theater, and an elevated transportation system. You can take a carousel that will show you Disney’s 100 years of progress, or board a Star Cruiser inspired by Buzz Light-year’s –from Toy Story 2.


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