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Animal Kingdom is a park that designed to simulate a jungle. Its awesome scenery and its creatures– real and fantastic -give the impression that it is a real wild. Most games are in connection with those Disney’s movies that are related to the forest and the jungle- for instance The Lion King and Pocahontas. In this Theme Park there are different sections with various attractions; there is an island, a river and even an oasis!

You can visit the Festival of the Lion King, a musical celebration during which Simba, Timon and other characters celebrate “the circle of life”. Like in the other Theme Parks, in Animal Kingdom there are greeting trails where it is possible to meet Mickey, Minnie and many other personalities. There is a Tree of Life, a trunk where 300 animal images have been carved. Other options are to see a parade or hop a rustic train.

One of Animal Kingdom’s most amazing attractions is its Safarise. Kilimanjaro Safarise is an attraction in which it is possible to set off on an open-air safari across 110 acres of African savannah filled with wild animals- giraffes, gazelles, elephants and rhinos, among others. Another similar attraction is Pangani Forest, a circuit of trails you can stroll through while you see gorillas, underwater hippos, and many other examples of African wildlife. Apart from attractions with wild ferocious animals, there are exhibitions in which it is possible to see other creatures. Flights of Wonder, for instance, is an attraction where you see an assortment of birds flying over you in all directions.

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An interesting choice for parents is to take children to Conservation Station. There they will learn about veterinary care and global environmental involvement. And they will also learn about habitats all around the world and about the incredible care Disney animals receive through nutrition and research programs. They can also go to Affection Station, a petting yard where children- and parents too -can get closer to domesticated breeds and connect with them.

If you have never been white water rafting, you can try it in the section called Asia, where you can go on a ride through turbulent rapids. Other options are to catch a high-speed train trek forward and backward through the Himalayan guarded the menacing Yeti –the Abominable Snowman. Or you can visit Dinoland, a place where everything recalls the prehistoric period. There you can go on a roller coaster that is uniquely wacky and whimsical, since it sends you through a maze of curves, hills, drops… and a dinosaur’s jaws! Or you can ride a Triceratops, a giant spinning toy which moves you up and down.


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