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Epcot is a park divided into two sections: Future World and World Showcase. The first is subdivided into different attractions and games, and the second into eleven sections that represent eleven countries –Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, U.S.A., Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

In Future Land, there are some attractions that are especially fun for the little ones. Turtle Talk with Crush of the Living Seas, for instance, is an attraction in which children feel as if they were going on a voyage deep to the ocean and they could see incredible creatures. It is an interactive show during which you go under the sea and have a conversation with Crush- the sea turtle from the Walt Disney presentation of the Pixar Animation Studios film called Finding Nemo- in his digital underwater world. Another option for children is Journey into Imagination with Figment and Nemo and Friends at the Living Seas- a spectacular where children can see the famous little fish Nemo and other characters from the film.

In World Showcase it is possible to see the beauty and discover the secrets of different lands. You can taste exotic food, see traditional performances, dine in a Biergarten (beer garden) or shop for unique gifts. There are nineteen different pavilions: Canada Pavilion, China Pavilion, France Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, Imagination! Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Mexico Pavilion, Mission: SPACE Pavilion, Morocco Pavilion, Norway Pavilion, Spaceship Earth Pavilion, Test Track Pavilion, The Land Pavilion, The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion, U.S.A. Pavilion, United Kingdom Pavilion, Universe of Energy and Wonders of Life Pavilion. Next we describe some of them in order that you get an idea of what you will experience in this section.


The Mexico Pavilion, for instance, has a marketplace, music, dining and a boat ride down a lagoon. It is possible to buy authentic baskets, pottery and clothing, and have a mouth-watering meal at the romantic La Cantina De San Angel. There is also an art collection with colorful folk-art woodcarvings, and there are live performances by the illustrious Mariachi Cobre. The Imagination! Pavilion is a pyramid-shaped pavilion where everything is left to your imagination. There is a game called Honey, I Shrunk the Audience in which you jump, duck and shrink, and there are Imageworks where you go through interactive experiences.

The Japan Pavilion is a serene place with gardens, pools of water, streams, a pagoda and a torii gate. It also has restaurants where you can taste authentic Japanese food, and shops where you can buy Japanese toys and Bonsai trees. The China Pavilion presents the wonders of China. There you enjoy excellent Chinese cuisine and visit genuine shops that sell Chinese goods. You can see incredible Dragon Legend Acrobats and listen to SI XIAN, a performance on the Chinese harp.

The Italy Pavilion is an elegant pavilion with architecture reminiscent of Venice. It has bridges, gondolas and a version of the Campanile of St. Mark's Square. You can buy fine leather goods and eat delicious Italian meals and sweets. At the Germany Pavilion you enter a fairy-tale inspired village where you can shop for steins and hand-painted eggs, or you can visit Der Teddybar- an amazing toy store –or Kunstarbeit in Kristall- a jewelry shop. You can have an extraordinary meal, sing and dance at the Oktoberfest Musikanten, and visit an authentic Biergarten (beer garden). You can also taste wines and delicious baked goods. Another European pavilion, the France Pavilion, has streets reminiscent of Paris and other French provinces. These have shops selling fragrances, soaps, cosmetics, wines and other accessories. There are also delightful bakeries and restaurants preparing authentic French foods.


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